Windshield cleaner - clean your car windows quickly and easily


Windshield cleaner / cleaning car windows

To participate safely in today's busy traffic, visibility is a must. Regularly cleaning your car windows is therefore of great importance. While driving often, a lot of dead flies and other insects collect on the glass and also falling leaves etc. will quickly make your car windows become dirty. This obscures the glass and often leads to dangerous situations. Sometimes it may result in a situation where you as a driver miss noticing something or someone. In other cases, you could judge a situation wrong and will therefore react the wrong way caused by a dirty car window. Especially when the sun shines on a car window, it will worsen any dirt problems. Regular cleaning car windows is therefore something that is inevitable.


Order the windshield cleaner now in our wholesale

It is not a job that the average motorist enjoys doing: cleaning car windows. But with a proper windshield cleaner it will become faster and more efficient. What are the benefits of the windshield cleaner from our wholesale company when it comes to cleaning car windows? Firstly, this windscreen cleaner has an ergonomic handle. The big annoyance with this job is often the clumsy tools used. Furthermore, this cleaner from our wholesaler also features a microfiber head to clean the windshield quickly and efficiently. Cleaning car windows thus becomes much less of a tedious chore and it also improves safety of you and your fellow road users


Specifications of the windshield cleaner from our wholesale

The windshield cleaner from our wholesale can be used with all cleaning products and is also easy to wash out again. Make sure you always have this handy tool in the car so the cleaning of car windows can be done in a snap.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to use
  • Microfiber head
  • Cleaner 13 x 9,5 cm
  • Handle 39 cm long
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