Wireless earplugs EARBUDDSSS

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Wireless earplugs EARBUDDSSS

Earplugs are ideal when using our modern equipment. Just think of listening to music but also to the voice of someone on the phone. But the wires are often so awkward. The wholesaler has wireless earpieces for you. With these Bluetooth earphones you have the best of both worlds: good sound and freedom of movement. The Bluetooth earphones are ergonomically shaped, so these feel comfortable in your ear and you can use them for long periods. These items are designed with high quality materials and last a long time.


Order wireless earphones in wholesale

With the wholesale wireless earplugs you can really listen to music anywhere or hear other sounds. You can use the Bluetooth earphones for any device which has this technology. The earbuds can be charged independently via USB. Of course you can choose to use one or both Bluetooth earphones depending on the circumstances. Of course, the earpieces can also be used separately by two people. You can easily carry them in the handy storage box that comes with it. Enjoy the freedom with the wireless earplugs from the wholesaler.


Specifications of the wireless earplugs from our wholesale

The wireless earplugs are designed according to the CVC 6.0 technology. This eliminates sounds from the environment. Ideal when you are calling outside or when you want to listen to your favorite music in a more crowded room. The Bluetooth earphones work for about 2 hours when fully charged.

  • Charges quickly in about 30 minutes
  • Work continuously for about 2 hours
  • Works via Bluetooth 4.1
  • CVC 6.0 technology to exclude external sounds
  • Can be connected directly to your smartphone for hands-free calling
  • Not only as a pair, but also to use seperately
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