Wireless rear-view mirror


Wireless rear-view mirror with camera

Safe driving includes checking your mirrors regularly. Your mirrors help to extend your view and to keep track on what's happening around you. While the exterior mirrors are mainly used to check what's happening on both sides of your vehicule, the interior mirror gives you a wider view on what's happening behind your car. The interior mirror is essential when reverse parking, but also when moving out of a parking spot you front parked in. This tool allows you to anticipate the driving behaviour of others in a better way. It helps you in noticing overtaking manoeuvres of other drivers and it helps you to determine when it's safe to perform such manoeuvres yourself.

Order a wireless rear-view mirror with camera at our wholesale

The rear-view camera sports 4 small led lights to give you an excellent night view. The camera of the wireless rear-view mirror from our wholesale is waterproof and can survive all weather conditions. The present chaotic traffic situations make the need for additional technical tools to guarantee the safety of yourself and your passengers essential. This wireless rear-view mirror in our wholesale is a must for anybody who travels a lot for commercial or private purposes.

Specifications of the wireless rear-view mirrors from our wholesale

Reverse parking is one of the most difficult parts of driving. The driver had to keep an eye on so many things simultaneously. Sometimes, a driver misses a small object, which can lead to nasty damage to your car. Use the technical features of this wireless rear-view mirror in our wholesale to avoid such situations.

  • With handy rear-view camera
  • 4.3 inches
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 0,75 kg (1 lb and 10.4555 oz )
  • Compatible with any car brand
  • Made with durable ABS
  • Waterproof camera
  • 4 led lights for nightvision
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