Wireless Wi-Fi doorbell

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Wireless Wi-Fi doorbell!

Protecting your house and a bell at the same time. You will never have to open your door again without knowing who is at the other side of the door, that is the idea of the Wi-Fi doorbell. The name already betrays its function, it's wireless and it is connected with your mobile phone. Via an app you can see who is in front of your door. 

This product will give a lot of people a safer feeling when opening the door. Some don't even open the door when it's late in the evening and they are home alone. Because of fear! People must do everything they want and they must not be hindered by fear. This can be prevented with the Wi-Fi doorbell!


Order the Wi-Fi door bell at the wholesale

Order the Wi-Fi doorbell now out of our wholesale and know who is in front of your door!

Specifications of the Wi-Fi door bell out of our wholesale

  • PIR detection
  • Nightvision
  • 8 door bells and 8 smartphones can cooperate together
  • The apps that the doorbell uses, is available on Android and iOS
  • For Android the app “IPBell†is used which can be downloaded in the Google Play store
  • For iOS users the app “IPBell†is used which can be downloaded in the App Store
  • The dimensions of the doorbell: 93 mm by 145 mm and 39 mm thick.
  • The visitor at the door can even press the button to call the inhabitant or the company where the door bell hangs.

Content of the Wi-Fi door bell package

  • The Wi-Fi door bell
  • A power adapter
  • A DC cable
  • A RJ45 network cable
  • A screwdriver
  • An unlock control cabinet
  • Screws and plugs
  • Tape
  • A manual


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