6-in-1 Fleece hat

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6-in-1 Fleece hat

Now that the winter is finally approaching, the question quickly arises of how to protect yourself against freezing cold, cutting wind and ice-cold snowstorms. Nothing is warmer than a fleece hat that you can obtain cheaply from our wholesaler.

Order 6-in-1 Fleece hat in wholesale

The fleece hat can be worn in six different ways and is therefore multifunctional. Moreover, the fleece hat is easy to transform into a scarf, hood, balaclava, hat and even a bag: with a fleece hat you are in all cases good! The fleece hat is easy to order at our wholesale.

Specifications of the 6-in-1 Fleece hat from our wholesale

In icy cold, it is important to protect face and especially neck well and keep warm. Then the fleece hat is the outcome: one size fits all. Moreover, the fleece hat is easy to wash in the washing machine at thirty degrees. No complicated hand washing, or anything. The fleece hat is available from our wholesaler in the colors black, red and gray. At the moment the fleece hat is even on offer at our wholesaler so it's important to act now and get your own hit. If you now place your order fleece hat with our wholesaler you are assured in any case that - if it really gets winter - you can grab your head, neck and neck and stay warm. Warm hands, feet, a warm head and a warm neck are essential for cold and mean a warm body. This winter our wholesaler contributes a nice bit to that!

Go to our wholesaler, make your color choice, and within the foreseeable future you can pack your head when you have to go on the bike, the moped, scooter, or just walking in the freezing cold. An extra scarf is really unnecessary. With a nice warm fleece hat from our wholesaler, making a winter walk will soon be a party!
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