USB Wifi adapter

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USB Wifi adapter


The Wi-Fi connection at home can sometimes falter or not work properly. This can be caused by a bad or weak signal at certain places in the house. The garden, but also the attic, can be a place where the wifi signal can not easily come. This makes the internet slow and you can therefore make less use of the internet. The solution for this is the USB wifi adapter.


Insert this USB wifi adapter into your computer or laptop. Then the USB wifi adapter amplifies the signal for this computer or laptop. This makes the internet faster and therefore better in quality!


Surfing in the attic, in the garden or anywhere else is now possible without problems.

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A handy tool that everyone can use and that can be useful to everyone. Order this USB wifi adapter now in our wholesale!


Specifications of the USB Wifi adapter from our wholesale


Installing the USB wifi adapter is very easy. Firstly, the adapter is delivered with a manual that clearly shows how this adapter should be installed.


Plug the adapter into the computer or laptop, and turn on the amplifier. You can use this USB WiFi adapter with devices that are already connected to the internet or devices that are not already.


This USB WiFi adapter supports wireless speeds of up to 150 Mbps, as long as the main signal supports it naturally.

USB Wifi adapter available in wholesale


Network cables are therefore a thing of the past thanks to this handy USB wifi adapter! No more hassle with cables that are too short or confused or looking for an outlet. You can always use the internet with this adapter.
Take the benefits of the USB wifi adapter now and order some in our wholesale.

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