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Heel protectors


Your feet are an important part of your body that you need to take good care of! For example, the heels have a lot to offer. Especially when you walk a lot, the heel can become a vulnerable place. For example, complaints can arise such as suffering from calluses, dry feet and even heel spurs. The skin is very sensitive here and can burst quickly. This causes a lot of pain! That is why it is important to protect them well. You do that with these heel protectors!


These heel protectors are made of gel and are delicious. They ensure that the heels are protected throughout the day. You can wear them under the socks and you will not be bothered by them. The gel of which they are made leaves heat and air but no water. The heels are therefore not suffocated in these heel protectors. They are properly taken care of!

Order heel protectors in wholesale


Order these must-have heel protectors now in our wholesale and take advantage of the advantage of this moment!

Specifications of the Heel Protectors from our wholesale


  • They protect the heels.
  • They take care of the heels and provide hydration and keep the feet clean.
  • They feel soft and fine.
  • The pressure on the heels is reduced.
  • Water resistant
  • Heat and air permeable.

Heel protectors available in wholesale


These heel protectors are now available in our wholesale. A nice item to add to an assortment full of products about beauty and care! Take care of your feet and especially the heels with these soft, comfortable and practical heel protectors!

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