Anti Bark Band

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Anti bark - stop excessive barking in a painless manner

Some dogs bark a lot and loud and this can cause the necessary irritation. Not only with you as the owner, but also with the neighbors. With this anti bark you can influence the behavior of overly barking dogs. The method is completely painless and also suitable as support for a puppy or dog training.

Order comfortable anti bark tape in wholesale

This bark is comfortable for the dog and very light in carrying. This band is activated by the vibrations of the barking. At that moment this band gives a signal that the dog experiences as annoying. The advantages of this antibacterial tire:

  • Contains no sharp edges
  • Light in wearing
  • Easily adjustable
  • Set to low or high sensitivity
  • Works exclusively with ultrasonic sounds

Specifications of the anti bark belt from our wholesale

This anti bark band from our wholesaler is waterproof, so it is no problem if the dog suddenly wants to play in the water. Because the annoying signal always occurs when the dog barks, he will learn that he is doing something that is not allowed. Usually there is a change within 2 to 3 weeks. The ultrasonic sounds are not audible to humans, so that this will not cause any irritation. An LED indicator indicates when the bark band is active. The belt can be easily turned on and off by means of a button. Because the anti-barking band of our wholesaler does not contain any sharp edges or parts, the dog will be able to play and play as before. The barking dog will not experience pain when wearing this anti bark. When you choose this wholesale bark from our wholesaler, the peace in and around your home will soon return.

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