Memory Foam insoles

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Memory foam insoles / insoles

The insole from our wholesale makes your shoes immediately a lot more comfortable. Actually, you rarely think about how much your feet get to endure every day. You better avoid foot problems by treating your feet as well as possible. The insoles from our wholesale come in handy. Prevention is of course the best, but it is almost inevitable that we will notice later that our feet have already suffered a lot. Then you can significantly reduce the problems by using insoles. In that case, everything revolves around relieving the pressure on the painful foot. In addition, the insoles also provide extra support and stability.


Order memory foam insoles in wholesale

The memory foam insoles from our wholesale store provide more comfort when walking, jogging or exercising. The advantage of these insoles is that they will quickly form to your foot. This will increase comfort after you have used them for a short time. If you are easily bothered by your feet or if you simply want to prevent this, insoles are a good alternative. This way you take care of your feet optimally and move with more pleasure than before. They are suitable for all kinds of shoes and you can not only tailor them for sneakers, but also for heel shoes or ballerinas for example.


Specifications of the memory foam insoles from our wholesale

Are you curious about the characteristics of these insoles from our wholesale? We are happy to organize them for you in a row:

  • Easy to cut to the right size
  • In the package 35.2 x 10.8 x 3.4 cm
  • 38 g heavy
  • More comfort when walking
  • Stability and support
  • Form themselves to the foot

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