Toe spreader / toe corrector

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Toe spreader / toe corrector (2 pieces)

A crooked joint of the big toe (hallus valgus) unfortunately occurs frequently and is very annoying. The crooked growth creates a sensitive lump on the side of the toe. Wearing footwear is very painful due to friction. The bump will not only be rubbed along the side of the shoe, but the other toes will also cause friction. In this case, the toe corrector from our wholesale is really a godsend. The toe spreader corrects the position of the big toe so that it no longer presses against the other toes. The bump is also protected on the side of the foot.


Order a toe spreader in wholesale

Because of the soft material the toe spreader from our wholesale protects a sensitive lump against painful friction. The toe spreader from our wholesaler is always delivered in a set of two copies. Of course you can wear both left and right. Because the size is universal, the toe corrector fits everyone. The toe spreader improves the position of the toes. As a result, the model can also be used for other complaints, such as crooked toes or skin problems. Because the toe corrector is stretchable from our wholesale store, you can easily put it around the toe. With the toe corrector comes a silicone pad between the big toe and the second toe. This protects the big toe and there is more space between the two toes.


Specifications of the toe spreader from our wholesale

The toe corrector prevents painful toes or relieves pain on the big toe. Some features of this toe spreader from our wholesale are:

  • Soft material
  • Comfortable in wearing
  • Universal size
  • Promotes circulation
  • Can also be used with other aches
  • Corrects the position of the toes
  • Made in white
  • Set of two pieces

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