Riddex Insect & Mice Scavenger

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Riddex animal scavenger - drive insects, mice and other vermin in a safe way

With this electromagnetic Riddex animal remover from our wholesale, it is easy to keep pests at bay. This animal repeller does not contain harmful substances such as the standard means for pest control. A product like mouse poison is not only fatal for the animals themselves, but it is also harmful for children and pets. There is also a handy night light built into the device.

Order the Riddex animal exterminator in wholesale

The Riddex animal exterminator of our wholesaler does not work with poison or chemicals. Only an electromagnetic field keeps the pests away and that is a safe method for everyone. The fact that more than 5 million copies of this product have been sold worldwide, shows how effective the pest control is. Of course, the Riddex animal scavenger is also so popular because it can be used against so many different types of pests. It can be used by both private individuals and companies as a pest repeller. Is your home or office soon also free of mouse and insects with the Riddex animal exterminator from our wholesaler?

Specifications of the Riddex animal repeller from our wholesale

The Riddex animal remover that you find at our wholesaler only needs to be plugged into an outlet. From that moment on the vermin repeller creates an electromagnetic protection shield. This ensures that both insects and rodents will disappear from their homes. For example, the pest control operator can be used against:

  • mice and other rodents
  • cockroaches
  • ants
  • mosquitoes
  • moths
  • spiders
  • etcetera

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