iTag key finder / Key finder

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iTag key finder / key finder

You do not have to be a sloppy type to get rid of things. Everyone can not find something. It may be that you suddenly do not have your wallet with you anymore or that you do not really find the car keys anymore. With the iTag key finder, that problem is now a thing of the past. This compact, practical device ensures that you can easily find your belongings. So you do not have to search for a long time, but you can rely on your key finder. To retrieve the missing item, you only need to listen to the iTag key finder.


iTag order key finder in wholesale

The key finder is a simple but very practical device that gives you the location of an item in two ways. If you are within hearing distance, you can hardly miss the very recognizable tone of the iTag key finder. If that is not the case, you can easily trace the location of the item via the app on a map. Incidentally, you also get a warning signal when you are more than 25 meters away from the linked item and the key finder threatens to lose the connection. You only have to decide where you will use the key finder from our wholesale. Will it be your car keys, your wallet or your handbag, or does your pet have a paw to be untraceable?


Specifications of the iTag key finder from our wholesale

Everyone sometimes forgets where he or she has placed valuable or important matters. This not only produces stress, but also often takes a lot of time. A key finder is the solution. A few characteristics of the iTag key finder from our wholesale at a glance:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Clear app
  • Range of 25 m
  • Never lose anything again
  • Can also be used as a remote control and voice recorder
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