Alcohol tester keychain

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Alcohol tester keychain

When you go out on the road after a drink somewhere, of course you want to be sure that it is completely safe. It is therefore good to always have a breath test with you. In some countries, such as France, this is even mandatory. In our wholesale we now have a handy key ring with an alcohol tester. This allows you to see exactly what percentage of alcohol is still in your blood. The blow test is easy to use and also has a clear display so that reading is easy.


Order alcohol tester in wholesale

We all want traffic to be and remain safe. You can also contribute to this with the alcohol tester of the wholesale trade. A simple breath test makes it clear whether you or someone else can still participate in traffic. Of course, people often think that they themselves can make an excellent assessment of the extent to which they are or have not been influenced by the drink they have drunk. That is a misconception. Only by doing a breath test on the alcohol tester do you get an objective measurement. Now that the wholesaler makes it so easy for you with this handy tool, you will certainly never go on the road before you have done a breath test after a drink.


Characteristics of the alcohol tester from our wholesale

Because of the handy size in the form of a key ring you can also take this alcohol tester anywhere. Take no more risks and do not step out without a breath test. Perhaps you can also serve as a true service to friends and family.

  • Switches off automatically
  • Reacts quickly
  • With noise warning
  • Easy to clean mouthpiece
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • With clear display
  • Reach from 0.00 to 0.19%
  • Works on 2 x AAA batteries (exclusive)
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