Anti Skim Card

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Anti Skim Card - Protect your cards against skimmers!


The AntiSkimCard protect all your cards from RFID skimmers who wants to retrieve your data and identity and who wants to use or steal your money! The AntiSkimCard makes the details of your cards invisible without the use of all sophisticated equipment and this card works entirely without batteries or other fuss.


The AntiSkimCard is very simple: you add the card to the wallet with the card in a slot, groove or in case the wallet. The beauty of this is that the AntiSkimCard fits in every wallet because it is as large as for example a credit card or bank card.

NOTE: Use 2 AntiSkimCardsin your wallet for optimal protection.

This card is the best defense against RFID skimmers and makes your debit cards, credit cards and personal information invisible to hackers and thieves! Without the AntiSkimCard your cards in your wallet aren't safe!

Order the AntiSkimCard now in our wholesale


Order this necessary and particularly useful anti-theft gadget in our wholesale. The AntiSkimCard is a product that everyone can use and need!

Specifications of the AntiSkimCard from our wholesale


  • Protects all the cards in your wallet against RFID skimmers.
  • Use 2 AntiSkimCards for optimal protection.
  • The card is the size of a credit card.
  • The card fits into any wallet, mobile cases or money clip.
  • Thieves and hackers do not stand a chance!
  • Make sure all personal information from your wallet remains invisible to skimmers.

It's happened before you see it! A hacker or thief comes near your face and before you know it he was able to steal all data from your wallet. Thieves and other people with bad intentions, want to gather as much information they need. For example, they can find out the details of your debitcard and / or skimming your account so you can suffer financial damage. But data from a credit card or instance license RFID chip, which are in most new cards are not safely in a wallet without an AntiSkimCard.

So protect yourself, your cards and your pocketbook from RFID skimmers and make sure they can not steal your data!

Not only your wallet needs a AntiSkimCard, also the wallets of the rest of the family is full of useful information to hackers and thieves. Make sure everyone is protected from these skimmers with this handy anti-skimming card! Now available on 24TradeStore 

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