Antifreeze blanket premium quality

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Antifreeze blanket premium quality - frost blanket for the car

Do you also hate to clean the ice from your car windows? Often it has to be done when you are in a hurry. But a clean window is really a necessity to be able to drive safely in winter conditions. Then choose an antifreeze blanket from the wholesaler. Imagine, if it freezes you only have to remove your frost blanket. In the summer you can also use this frost blanket for the car as a sun shade because of the reflective effect of the antifreeze blanket.


Order the antifreeze blanket now in our wholesale

This frost blanket for the car of the wholesale is multifunctional, because you can also use it in the summer. On summer days with lots of sunshine, you can also use the frost blanket for the car as a sun shade to keep the temperature in the car from rising too high. But of course, the frost blanket works optimally in the winter. This antifreeze blanket is made of reinforced cotton which is waterproof. Herewith the frost blanket protects against the freezing of your windshield in winter. But you can also easily remove snow from this screen. The frost blanket is easy to apply and fits almost every type of passenger car. Save yourself scratching the windshield using this handy antifreeze blanket.


Specifications of the antifreeze blanket from our wholesale

The antifreeze blanket from the wholesale is suitable for every season. In the winter it is ideal to ensure that your window remains ice-free. In the warmer months, this frost blanket for the car can be perfectly used as a sun screen, to keep the temperature in the car pleasant. What are the characteristics of the antifreeze blanket?

  • Suitable for 99% of cars
  • Among others made of insulating aluminum foil
  • Can also be used as a sunscreen
  • Size: 92 x 142 cm
  • Weight: approx. 0.5 kg
  • Colour: silver
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