Bicycle mirror for around your wrist

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Bicycle mirror for around your wrist

If you're riding a bike in modern traffic, a rearview mirror is actually a must. But a permanent bicycle mirror will often be damaged or stolen. The rear-view mirror of the wholesale fits into an elegant wristband.  You take this bicycle mirror along when you get off your bike. This rearview mirror is so cleverly designed that you can put it in different positions for the best view. The wrist strap is made of breathable fabric and also feels good in summer. And there is also a handy small storage compartment.


Order the bicycle mirror wristband in our wholesale

Riding a bike, but certainly a race bike or mountain bike, it is also important to see what happens around you. This can of course be the done with the rearview mirror of the wholesale. It is simply installed into a wristband you can wear.. Safety in traffic depends largely on a good view to all sides. This item has been designed for this purpose only. Try it yourself and you will be convinced. Due to the handy wrist strap, you do not lose this mirror quickly and it is the most comfortable way to realize a rearview mirror on your bike.


Specifications of the bicycle mirror from our wholesale

With a bicycle wristband you will be well prepared for the road. You have better visibility and will be able to easily judge traffic situations. The traffic behind you is very important, especially if you have good pace, like on a race bike or mountain bike. When you have an adjustable bicycle mirror, you have a good view of what's happening behind you at any moment.

  • 5.5 cm rear view mirror
  • Made of breathable material
  • Can be made suitable for each wrist
  • Ideal for cycling etc.
  • Set in various positions
  • Comfortable in wearing
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