Binoculars with tripod and smartphone clip

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Binoculars with tripod and smartphone clip

Making photos on a distance with your smartphone goes much better with this binoculars with tripod. Simply attach your mobile to the clip and  you can make the most beautiful shots at large distances. Because these binoculars also have a stable tripod, your recordings will become really sharp. The binoculars are not only suitable for private but also for business use. The quality is particularly high and you can not only depend on sharp vision, but you are also assured that the binoculars will have a long lifespan.  


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Are you a lover of nature, beautiful views or water areas? If you want to make beautiful pictures, only a smartphone is often not enough. For the most beautiful moments and images you need binoculars with tripod, like these from the wholesaler. This handy tool is really made for use with the camera on your smartphone. These binoculars are compact and lightweight and can be easily taken along. The tripod ensures a stable position when shooting. Always take this handy tool along when you plan to take pictures. On holiday too, you will make pictures as never before. And of course, you can use this tripod with binoculars for your hobby as well as business. Convenient and professional quality. Use this handy tool at any occasion en be astonished of the clear view it offers. 


Specifications of binoculars from our wholesale

Of course you may want to look in the distance. Not only if you like birds, but also for other hobbies i.e the hunt. These binoculars from our wholesale have a tripod so you can easily put them down and your visibility is optimal.

  • With handy tripod and smartphone clip
  • Fits the hand well
  • Easy to carry
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High quality images
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