Blackhead Masks

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Blackhead killer / mask

Remove your blackheads extremely easy with the wildly popular Blackhead mask aka blackhead killer. Apply the mask to your skin (Do not apply the maks on your eyebrows, lips or around your eyes.) and let the mask dry. After about half an hour the mask has become dry and you can easily peel off to the black layer of the skin. When you reomve the mask, the blackheads, dead skin cells, excess talc and other impurities will be pulled out. The pores are cleaned intensively which leaves a gentle groomed skin without imperfections.

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Because of the proven effectiveness the mask is a real blackhead killer. It saves you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise spend on an expensive treatment. The mask is furthermore also much more effective than a treatment at an expensive specialist. The blackhead killer sucks out the empty pores and tackles everythin in once.

Specifications of the Blackhead Masks from our wholesale

The Blackhead masks are also packed very handy separately. So you can easily try out the mask itself or maybe use it as a gift. Although a sachet may seem small, it is the perfect amount for a full treatment of the face. It's also very convenient to carry in the purse or perhaps traveling. So you are assured of a radiant skin everywhere.

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