Auto GPS tracker

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Auto GPS tracker

With the gps tracker from our wholesale you can keep track of valuables such as your car or boat from a distance. This provides extra security because you have to worry less if your vehicle is stolen. Of course there are many more applications for this handy tracker. Think for example of your child's bicycle. Of course you can also use the tracker in a different way to stay informed of where your child or children are. Unfortunately, the current world is full of threats. The tracker can not take it away from you, but at least it gives you the certainty that with this handy device you can always follow where the valuable object that you protect with it is located.

Order car GPS tracker in wholesale

The compact size makes it easy to put the GPS tracker in a forgotten corner of the car. This allows the tracker to be placed inconspicuously, making it very functional. However, it is also ideal for children. The light weight ensures that you can actually take it anywhere, without being a hindrance. The motion alarm goes off as soon as the GPS tracker moves again. So you see on the map on your smartphone exactly where it is. Go for extra security with the GPS tracker from our wholesale.

Specifications of the car GPS tracker from our wholesale

Thanks to the many applications, the location tracker can be used in various ways and can be used by both professionals and private individuals. The GPS tracker from our wholesaler is characterized by a number of things:

  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Weighs only 45 g
  • 90 x 45 x 13.5 mm
  • Indicator lights
  • Motion alarm
  • GPS sensitivity: 159 dBm
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