Car seat organizer

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Car seat organizer

With the car seat organizer out of our wholesale you finally have a cleaned up car, while you keep everything organized. Every car driver knows the problem: the dashboard compartment is full, but there are a lot of loose stuff that daily accompanies you in the car. In this multi-pocket storage bag, you can put all your loose stuff. The organizer for in the car is suitable for all kinds of car types. You easily attach it to the car seat with the straps which are meant for that purpose. These are adjustable, so you can firmly attach the organizer. So the organizer won't clatter against the seat.

Order the car seat organizer in the wholesale

The storage bag at the inside has special isolation material, so you can take warm or cold drinks with you. The handy compartments at the sides ensure that you can easily find small things. Because the car seat organizer is made of soft material, it won't damage the car.No more loose things which get under the pedals so driving will become safer. During driving, you won't need to pick the little things off the floor again. The car seat organizer out of our wholesale doesn't only ensure a cleaned car, but also more safety on the go.

Specifications of the car seat organizer out of our wholesale

When you like a cleaned up car, this handy storage bag is absolutely essential. A few characteristics of the car seat organizer down below:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Separated efficiently
  • Isolated
  • Hardwearing material
  • Child friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Ca. 28 x 10 x 22 cm
  • Black

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