Car storage compartment

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Car storage compartment / organizer for the car

The car neatly tidied and a number of seams filled. The organizer from our wholesaler has a double advantage. You can neatly store your valuables and prevent them from disappearing into the awkward seams in your car. This organizer has been specially designed to create order in those places that often cause annoyance in a car. How often did you have to search in awkwardly accessible places in the car, such as the narrow space next to the driver's seat? No more risk that your keys or other valuables are engulfed by the seams in your car.


Order car storage box in wholesale

A tidy car is safer if you have to concentrate on the busy road traffic. Then it is ideal if you are not bothered by loose things in your car that can cause strange noises, for example. The passengers can then also find things much easier if necessary. The car storage compartments are small and handy to place in your car, but they also have enough space for your valuable stuff. It's a nice idea if you always know where you can find the items you need. Because the car storage compartment is good against water, it is easy to keep the organizer clean. You simply hold it under the hot tap. Optionally, you can also use a detergent. So the car storage compartment is always nice and clean.


Features of the car storage compartment from our wholesale

The car storage compartment ensures that the interior of your car looks neat and tidy. A number of characteristics of this organizer from our wholesaler at a glance:

  • Fits perfectly between narrow seams
  • Ideal for all kinds of small business
  • Always your car cleaned up
  • 33.5 x 11 x 3 cm
  • Made in black
  • Easy to keep clean
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