Children's play kitchen

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Play kitchen for children / Children's kitchen

It is important for the development of children, they can use their imagination. This play kitchen is therefore ideal for children from 3 years and on. Every day they see dad or mom in the kitchen. Of course they want to do that themselves. The children's kitchen gives them this possibility. Notice what stories are made up when your children are busy in their play kitchen. It is certain that their favorite doll or cuddle will also be the first to taste the specialties of this children's kitchen. Or will you become the guinea pig for experimental dishes from the special game kitchen?


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To keep children occupied for a long time and to keep them interested, toys must be complete and fascinating. This children's kitchen is very complete and offers them the chance to very realistically mimic real cooking.. It includes light and sound signals. For example, a light goes on when the gas is 'lit'. That kind of details captivates children immensely and it ensures they do not get bored with this children's kitchen. Furthermore, this play kitchen is also very suitable to enjoy adventures with your children. Give your children toys that are educational and fun. This wholesale children's kitchen is a beautiful and meaningful gift.


Specifications of the play kitchen from our wholesale

This fun game kitchen is available in the colours red and pink. Both small chefs and cooks will therefore be delighted with this fun toy. The children's kitchen from the wholesaler is meant and made for children's hands and the items stands firm. The pans and spatulas naturally make the gaming pleasure complete

  • Suitable for children aged 3-12 years
  • Available in red and pink
  • Nice for a role play
  • With light and sound
  • 37 x 21 x 47 cm large
  • With accessories
  • Manual
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