Collagen facial mask

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Collagen facial mask for a moisturizing effect

Enjoy a special offer: a collagen facial mask the size of your face to enjoy a moisturizing effect on the entire face at once. The ingredients of this facial mask are quickly absorbed into your skin, providing nutrients and moisture. The mask is for example made of natural products such as gold collagen.

It is a wonderful nourishing mask with pure gold incorporated. This gold has a special effect on the skin that has been discovered in the Far East. It moisturizes the skin and is the secret to a long, healthy and happy life. It reduces wrinkles, signs of aging and sagging skin.


Order the Collagen facial mask in our wholesale

Order this collagen facial mask in our wholesale to complete your skin care product collection.

Specifications of the collagen facial mask from our wholesale

How to use this face mask?

Step 1: First, the face should be clean and dry

Step 2: Then remove the plastic face mask

Step 3: Place the pad on your face

Step 4: Use the face mask about two to three times a week and wear the collagen face mask for about 30 minutes

Step 5: After 30 minutes the pad can be removed from your face. You can never re-use a pad.


This facial mask shouldn’t be used on sensitive skin. It is also not suitable for children. Give yourself a treat with a really good skin care mask of collagen. The mask’s moisturizing effect gives you a fresh and beautiful look. It is easy to use and restores old skin. A delicious treat for everyone.


Order this collagen facial mask now in our wholesale and place an order directly!

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