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Laser projector

A portable mini laser projector is both a useful tool for business and for personal use too. You can sharply show pictures and moving images with the powerful LED light in this laser projector from our wholesale company almost anywhere and in large format. In presentations at work a beamer is of course particularly useful as you can project your charts and additional pictures for a large group of people for example at a white wall. But at home you also can show for example photos show via the beamer to family and friends. Furthermore, this laser projector is perfect for an evening of movie fun, because you can imagine yourself in a movie theater.

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Obviously the laser projector can be connected to most brands of PCs and laptops. The shown model has several ports, including an HDMI port and a USB port. In addition, it is possible to connect a SD card to the video projector. This beamer is therefore very efficient in use. Further, it has a remote control, which is particularly efficient in use. The beamer is equipped with an LED light source. It is economical in its use of energy and will thereby have an average life span of many years of enjoyment.


Specifications of the laser projector from our wholesale

Are you still looking for a good beamer which is also compact, so it is easy to store and can transport? The mini laser projector from our wholesale is definitely a good option. We have some features of this beamer for you put in a nutshell:

  • Particularly long life
  • Connect to virtually all laptops and PCs
  • Among other ports for HDMI and USB
  • Equipped with an LED lamp
  • Compact size
  • With indicator light
  • Easy operation
  • Lamp 160 Watt

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