Copper Compression Socks

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Copper Compression Socks, to be ordered from the wholesale!

Compression stockings stimulate the blood circulation in the legs. Compression stockings nowadays cannot be compared to those that were used before. The medical compression stockings from before are the modern Copper Compression Socks from today. Our wholesale offers the Copper Compression Socks in different sizes. 

Compression socks for athletes

Compression means squeezing something together. Compression stockings have a positive influence on the circulation in the legs. The Copper Compression Socks from our wholesale provide a dosed pressure, which start at the ankle and becomes lighter towards the knee. This optimises the muscle pump action of the calf. The blood circulation in the lower leg increases, which decreases the chance of injuries. Especially athletes are very fond of the Copper Compression Socks. The compression stockings are therefore often used by football players, runners, athletes, cyclists, and skaters. Our wholesale offers a large assortment of compression stockings to these athletes. 

Specifications of the compression socks from our wholesale

Long flight

People who have to make a long flight also love to wear the Copper Compression Socks from our wholesale. What do these compression socks do during the flight? It is important to know what happens to the blood circulation in the legs during flying. The blood circulation slows down due to sitting down longer. This means that not enough oxygen flows to the feet and lower legs. This results in thick ankles and feet, but also a tired feeling in the legs. The compression stockings from our wholesale ensure optimised blood circulation in the lower legs, which minimises complaints. We also have sufficient Copper Compression socks in stock for people who go on long flights. 

Pain relief and varicose veins

People with varicose veins have widened vascular walls in their legs. Because of this, the blood doesn't flow back to the heart the way it should. This results in pain, a tired feeling in the legs, and visibly widened veins. That is why our wholesale has Copper Compression socks in stock. The Copper compression stockings from our wholesale offer pain relief and reduce other complaints that come with varicose veins.
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