Dog basket - suitable for large and small!

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Dog basket / dog cushion

Your pet also needs his own place to sleep. This dog cushion will please your loyal companion. This dog cushion is soft and comfortable and is big enough to sleep on comfortably. A dog basket is also easy for you, because the dog will consider this as his regular place to sleep. It is usually not difficult to track down your four-legged friend. A cat will also be quite satisfied with this comfortable dog basket.


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The dog cushion is also efficient for you to use. Because the dog cushion consists of two parts, you can easily remove the mat on which the dog is lying and shake it out. This is of course especially handy in times when the dog is losing hair. This way, the dog cushion stays clean longer and you and your dog enjoy it for more time. The dog cushion from our wholesale is also suitable for use in the car. Thanks to the removable mat with the familiar smell, you can create a pleasant place for your dog everywhere. This dog cushion is therefore useful in various circumstances. Think of a move or a holiday where the dog still has his own place. This is certainly a dog basket which is multifunctional and will please you and your dog.


Specifications of the dog basket from our wholesale

The beautiful dog basket from our wholesale consists of two separate parts, so you can shake it out regularly to remove the hair. Moreover, you can also easily wash it. Of course you can place the dog basket in any room in the house. Your four-legged friend will thank you for it!

  • Available in black and red
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made of polyester
  • Breathable material
  • Easy to wash
  • XL: 80 x 60 cm, 1100 g
  • XXL: 100 x 70 cm, 1500 g
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