Ergonomic back support with beads


Ergonomic back support with beads

Our attitude is important and in the long run even determines how healthy we feel. Especially in our office, we often spend hours sitting in the same position. It is therefore important to ensure we sit in a healthy way. Our office chair is often adapted to the desk, but does it also gives enough support to our back? With the ergonomic back support from our wholesale company, you can be sure your back is supported perfectly.


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This ergonomic back support for your office chair makes you automatically assume a good posture. So sitting more comfortable, you become less tired and have better concentration. This is also important if, for example you sit a longer time behind your desk. The ergonomic back support is therefore not only suitable for your office chair, but also ideal for in the car. It is very easy to put and remove this back rest on a chair. You can thus use this back support in several places. Do not take risks with your back and use this tool from the wholesaler for both your office chair and elsewhere.


Specifications of the ergonomic back support from our wholesale

Especially when you sit a lot at work, it's a good idea to pay attention to your posture. The ergonomic back support with beads is suitable to use in your office chair, car seat or other places. It ensures you remain sitting properly and there will be not too much pressure on your back muscles. The ergonomic back support provides the right amount of support in the right place. The model is suitable for everyone.

  • 41 x 41 cm
  • Wire with wooden beads
  • In brown
  • For office chair, car seat, etc.
  • More support for your back
  • healthier posture
EAM: 3437802014015 
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