Flashdrive - USB stick for backup

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Flashdrive - USB stick for backup

To have more fun with your  smartphone, for example, use a handy flash drive through a usb stick of the wholesaler. Then you immediately have an extra external memory and can be sure you can save your precious files on it. This flash drive not only increases the memory capacity of your smartphone, but the USB stick also gives you the safe feeling that you can store  or transfer important files. The USB stick is available in two colours,  white and black.

Order the flashdrive now in our wholesale

This handy tool from the wholesale offers much more. You can also easily play music from external sources with the help of the USB stick, and it has  a document viewer for large documents. In addition, it also provides a text editor and voice recorder. You can not really use your smartphone and tablet optimally and safely without this handy USB stick from the wholesaler. Make sure you always have this flash drive with you. The device is lightweight and compact. So give it a safe and fixed place so you will not lose it.


Specifications of the flashdrive from our wholesale

When you often use your smartphone or tablet, there will be a lot of data. It is, of course, very bothersome when lost, and yet it can happen when you do not back up. This flash drive allows you to transfer data to an external memory quickly and easily. Thus, all data is safe and you do not have to worry about losing these. 

  • External memory for smartphone and tablet
  • Compatible with Android and most Apple models
  • Suitable for playing video and audio
  • Text editor and voice recorder
  • Secure file encryption for private files
  • Manage all data directly on your ISO device
  • Available in white and black
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