Flexible bit holder

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Flexible bit holder for the cordless drill

Are you looking for the ultimate tool in your toolbox? Well you've found it here! Indeed, there is something new on the market, namely the flexible bit holder. This is a bit holder for the cordless drill.

Probably you get into situations where for example, you can’t attach the screw or when the cordless drill does not fit into the appliance. At moments like this you usually pick up a regular screwdriver and do it by hand. That is no longer required! From now you can use this flexible tool holder.

This tool holder actually lengthens your cordless drill and ensures that you can reach any screw! Handy, right? A tool so convenient it should not miss in your toolbox!

Order the Flexible bit holder in our wholesale

Order this mega useful tool now in our wholesale and take advantage of this special offer! An indispensable tool for handymen and other handy people!

Specifications of the Flexible bit holder from our wholesale

The length of this flexible bit holder is less than 29 cm. This ensures that you can get everywhere and not have to squeeze into awkward corners yourself. The tool is made of carbon steel and is very qualitative and sound.

Steps flexible bit holder

How to use this tool? Follow the steps below and you'll be amazed by the simplicity!

Step 1: Attach the flexible bit holder in the cordless drill like you would with any drill and/or bit.

Step 2: Then you tighten the flexible bit holder so that it can’t go anywhere.

Step 3: After you stop the bit of choice in the flexible bit holder. So you need a cross or just flat mouthpiece, that's no problem!

Step 4: Finally you’re good to go, tighten those screws!

In short, an indispensable, compact and handy tool for in your toolbox!

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