Foam puzzle mat alphabet - 36 pieces

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Foam puzzle mat

The foam puzzle mat is a major challenge for our young explorers. Children are eager to learn and it is necessary. In order to take their first steps in the big world later, they need to be well prepared. This learning process begins very early, ie as soon as they become aware of their surroundings. When they are around 1.5 or 2 years, it suddenly happens very fast. They start babbling and alo understand things that you tell them. This is the right time to start learning the alphabet and the numbers. Of course it is most challenging for the child to do this in a playful way. The foam puzzle mat from our wholesale is cut out for it.

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Because the play mat is made of soft foam, it is also suitable for very young children. There are no small parts, so the foam puzzle mat is quite safe for all children. Children will instantly love the many colours used on this fun play mat. Playfully they learn the alphabet with these foam puzzle mat letters. Are your kids already a bit older? Then bring variety in the game and allow them to lay out the alphabet the other way around. That's not as easy as you might think. In short, they will definitely spend a lot of hours on this play mat. Do not forget to occasionally join them to teach them the way of the letters from the play mat should be pronounced.

Specificaions of the foam puzzle mat from our wholesale

Are you still looking for a handy gift for young children which is not only fun but also educational? This educational play mat from our wholesale is definitely appropriate.

  • 36 pieces
  • Made of soft foam
  • Also suitable for very young children
  • Made with in all colors
  • Playfully learning letters
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