Foam puzzle / play mat with animals

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Foam puzzle / play mat

Children love playing and animals, so a mat in the form of a foam puzzle swith animal pictures is an ideal option. This mat from wholesale is suitable for children as young as 0 years. It will soon become their favorite spot. For the youngest  this soft mat is a perfect area to chill and  to crawl around without risk of injury. For older children it is of course a challenge to assist in the assembling  of and enjoy the animals thereon. For you it is an advantage that the children will soon plat at a permanent place.


Order the foam puzzle now in the wholesale

Children love  to have a trusted place to play in their first years . Soon the playmat of the wholesaler will therefore be their favorite place to get busy with their toys. The youngest will be attracted by the funny and bright colours and the older children of course want nothing else than the animals which can be seen on the mat. And so the playmat will  teach them playfully also a bit about nature. But of course the most important for all children is the fact the mat is so soft and comfortable.


Specifications of the foam puzzle of our wholesale

This mat from the wholesale has the added advantage that it is easy to store. If the children  no longer use the mat, it can be broken up in pieces and will not take up much room and of course then every time it will be quite an adventure for the older children so see the puzzel being  rebuilt and  becoming a true mat. The characteristics of this mat we have put to you on a small list.

  • Set of 10 pieces
  • Bright colours
  • 29.5 x 29.5 x 0.8 cm
  • Made of soft material
  • Suitable for children from 0 years
EAM: 3437802017306 
SKU: L082
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