Foam puzzle with fruits

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Foam puzzle / play mat

In their early years children can learn a lot already. This happens especially if their curiosity is stimulated in a familiar environment. This can be done on the play mat of the wholesale. This is a comfortable playground and also a foam puzzle. The foam puzzle is made up of square pieces of 30 x 30 cm with the image of fruit. The beautiful colours and the softness of the play mat ensure that children will consider it to be their favourite playground. The foam puzzle is suitable for children as young as 0 years.


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The youngest will not get enough of crawling around and romping on this play mat. Older children will want to help to assemble the foam puzzle before they make it a meeting place for their toys. And because the play mat from wholesale is constructed as a foam puzzle so the pieces are easy to store when the play mat is not used for a moment. Give your kids a fun place to play while using an educationally foam puzzle. Of course, the play mat comes in cheerful colours, so this will undoubtedly appeal to young children. The pieces are soft and can be easily laid in each other.


Specifications of the foam puzzle from our wholesale

Are you still looking for a great gift for children who visit your company or a nice item for the nursery? This foam puzzle is not only completely safe, but also very instructive. Playful children learn what fruit is in the pictures and they can try to put the foam puzzle in the right order. Think for example of the alphabet. Therefor larger children will also like this play mat.

  • Set of 10 pieces
  • 29.5 x 29.5 x 0.8 cm
  • soft material
  • In bright colors
  • 0 years and older
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