Hair Removal Pads - simple and painless way of depilating legs and the bikini zone

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Hair Removal Pads - simple and painless way of depilating legs and the bikini zone

A smooth skin without unsightly hairs, that's something every woman wants. The hair removal pads out of our wholesale makes that possible in a painless, convenient and quick way. No expensive laser treatments needed or painful waxing. With this hair removal pads, you cannot wax your legs and armpits, but also wax your bikini zone. The pads are available in various sizes. This way you can use them anywhere easily. Your bikini zone hair removal, makes your legs smooth again, but it can also remove hairs on your upper lip.


Order the Hair removal pads now in our wholesale

The result of the hair removal pads are way more efficient than any other method of hair removal. Due to the rotating movement, you don’t only remove the hairs deeper in the skin than other methods but it simultaneously removes dead skin cells. Hereby your skin will become softer and more radiant, and a beautiful skin will make you look way younger. These hair removal pads are supplied in a handy travel pouch, making them easy to take along when you go on a trip for a few days. Because you have a small model or a large one, you can quickly wax larger surfaces, while you can easily reach difficult areas with the smaller model. You can remove hairs on arms, legs and bikini zone quickly and efficiently.


Specifications of the hair removal pads from our wholesale

Do you also want to wax your legs or bikini zone without really hurting yourself and without the hairs immediately coming back again? Then the hair removal pads from our wholesale are the solution for you. This gives you the opportunity to easily get those stubborn hairs off without you really feel the pain experience. Are you curious about this handy system? We have even collected a number of features for you:

  • Soft, simple and painless
  • Depilate your arms, underarms, legs and bikini zone
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Comes in a handy travel pouch
  • Small and large model
  • 4 spare pads for each model
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