Hammock for vacation or at home

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Hammock for vacation or at home

A fieldbed on vacation must always be comfortable and that's the hammock for sure. Did you know that the hammock is an invention of the Indians and has been brought to Europe by Columbus? Still, it's very accepted to bring a hammock if you are planning to stay overnight with family or friends in Brazil. Perhaphs a good idea if you're planning een short stay with friends in near future?  And of course, a hammock is also ideal on board of a ship. It takes up less space and also follows the movements of the ship. For holidays on the water, hammocks can be ideal.


Order the hammock now in our wholesale

A hammock is a very relaxing way to sleep. This wholesale fieldbed is suitable for two people and therefore it is ideal for the holidays. The hammock can of course be used both inside and outside and is easy to install with the special braces. Of course, the fieldbed from our wholesale is very compact, so you can take it along  as a fieldbed everywhere. This hammock is made of nylon and is therefore strong and also lightweight and easy to clean.


Specifications of the hammock from our wholesale

The hammock from our wholesale is lightweight and compact to fold. As a result, you can easily take it as a fieldbed, for example during a long trek on foot or on a cycling holiday. A hammock is so comfortable to laze and sleep because it can swing. With this fieldbed you can also be assured of an excellent night's rest. Of course you can take a nap or just relax in the daytime.

  • Easy to hang
  • Made of nylon
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Lightweight and compact folding
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for vacation
  • Suitable for two persons
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