HD IP Camera

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HD IP camera

Do you want to safeguard your home or business location from breaking and entry? Or do you want to monitor your child while it is sleeping? This wireless HP IP camera from our wholesale facilitates both options. You hang this surveillance camera wherever you want. Both horizontally and vertically it can be adjusted and when it gets really dark the infrared camera takes over, giving you excellent nightvision. You can use it as a baby monitor and with its two-way audio system you can easily communicate with your child.


Order the HD IP camera now in our wholesale

You can operate this wireless HD IP camera or baby monitor with your laptop or smartphone. It is compatible with Windows. It doesn’t matter  if you use an iPhone or other type of smartphone. Your baby monitor communicates with both iOS and Android. In case of movement the motion detector automatically activates its recording device, which safes video images on a SD card in 720p resolution. During the day your HD IP camera efficiently filters out the sun’s infrared radiation, ensuring a better image quality. With this HD IP camera from our wholesale you actively prevent breaking and entry, something your insurance company will certainly appreciate.


Specifications of the HD IP camera from our wholesale

Use this wireless HD IP camera for the prevention of breaking and entry or as a baby monitor.

  • Video images in 720p resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Has a 85 degree camera angle
  • Video compression in Mpeg or H264 format
  • Equipped with two-way audio, so it can be used as a baby monitor
  • Can be turned horizontally in 270 degrees and can be tilted vertically in 85 degrees
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android
  • Equipped  with motion detection and an automatic recording device, storing images on its SD card
  • Equipped with an IR camera that activates automatically when visible light is insufficient
  • You can operate the camera with your smartphone
  • Comes with a manual, connecting equipment and a power adapter
  • Manual
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