Headlamp with 1 or 3 lamps

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Specifications power LED Headlamp 2000lumen (1 light).

-Single powerful light
-Designed for cycling, running in the park, camping
-Adjustable in size
-Chargeable, there is a built-in charger.
-Elastic Band
-Made of aluminium
-With zoom option
-Weight: 250 gram
-LED type: 1x XM T6
-2x AA batteries (not included)
-AC 100-240V Charger

Package includes:

SKU: K068


Specifications power LED Headlamp 5000lumen (3 lights).

-3 powerful LED Lights
-Weight: 250 gram
-LED type: 1x XM T6 and 2x R2
-Aluminium design
-Comfortable wearing
-Elastic band
-Zoom option


Package includes:
-AC 100-240 V Charger
-2x AA-batteries (not included)


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