iTag key finder / GPS tracker

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iTag key finder / GPS tracker

With the iTag from our wholesalers, you never risk losing your keys. Indeed, a GPS tracker is hidden in it, so you can always check the location. Through the eye, you can easily attach the iTag to your keychain. You can not only use the handy GPS tracker with iOS, but also with Android. The only requirement is actually that your smartphone, tablet or other device has Bluetooth version 4.0.


Order the iTag now in our wholesale

Of course, the iTag from our wholesaler is multifunctional and you can also use it for all kinds of other things that are valuable. What about your wallet or suitcase? But you can also place the iTag in your car or, for example, attach to  your child's belt. With the GPS tracker you can keep an eye on everything. It's also easy to use the iTag to quickly find items if you are in a hurry  with the GPS tracker. Of course, we all forget where we put our stuff down when we are busy with all kinds of other things. With this iTag from our wholesaler, you can securely protect a lot of valuable items.


Specifications of the iTag from our wholesale

The iTag is versatile in use and you can not only use it for keys, but also as a GPS tracker for a child. Of course, it is also possible to attach  the iTag to your wallet or other precious item, so that you can find all these things again.

  • Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • Suitable for Android and iOS
  • Range of more than 20 meters
  • Uses a CR2032 lithium coin battery
  • Time standby: about 6 months
  • Available in gold, silver, pink and grey

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