Led Flashlight from military grade

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New Hype! Thousands of people buy this flashlight to feel safer at home!

The opinions differ quite a lot about the fact that this flashlight may be too bright whereby it may need to be abolished, though millions of people from all over the world use this military like flashlight.


How bright?

How you ever been photographed in the dark by a camera flasher? Then you know it can take up to 4 minutes to see normally again. This flashlight is over 100 times brighter, in case you put it into the zoom mode. If you put it into a less brighter mode it’s ideal to, for example, find your dog. 

Why safer?

More and more people have the feeling that the world is getting more dangerous. Recent attacks really contributed to that idea. That’s also the reason that people like you and me want to be better prepared for potential danger. Besides that you can see everything clearly in the dark, you could also easily disorientate attackers/burglars with this flashlight.

The LED-Technology which this flashlight uses is used by the following authorities.:

 - American Navy Seals
- Police agents
- Rescue teams

Extremely powerful

When designing this flashlight we took into account that it needed to be able to survive the most extreme conditions. Because of that you can easily break glass with the back side of the flashlight and it has an unbreakable case.


  • Batteries: 3x AAA (not included)
  • Shockproof
  • Range: 500m tot 1km
  • White light
  • 5-zoom modes



  • Disorientates burglars
  • LED-Technology of the American Army
  • Extreme strong case
  • Legal in the United Kingdom
  • After pay is a possibility
  • Free shipping
  • Manual
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