Military sunglasses with various set-up lenses - polarized

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Military sunglasses with different mounting lenses - polarized

Are you often outside and are you not scared by a rough environment? Then these army goggles are really meant for you. These military sunglasses can be used in all kinds of situations because you can always attach them well. Also, these army goggles have different glasses available for all conditions. A protective case complements the set. Whether you are home, traveling or just a day at the  pool, you will  always look your best with these army goggles.


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Of course, you also need to protect your eyes well, and that's possible with these army goggles from our wholesaler. These military sunglasses are designed to give the user all freedom, because you can always attach these to stay put. Of course , it's not the intention your glasses fall off running in rough terrain or even when you do a speed sport, such as motor crossing. These military sunglasses should be suitable for a soldier in all circumstances, in every area and during all activities. This means these can also be used by you during the more rugged activities in nature. But of course, these sunglasses are also a beautiful design which is cool and multifunctional, thanks to the different glasses.


Specifications of the military sunglasses from our wholesale

With the army goggles from our wholesaler you are prepared everywhere and the sun will not bother you.  Several  set-up lenses are available, allowing you to vary endlessly. In addition, the army goggles are provided with polarized glass. This does not only blocks  the sun's rays, but also filters glitters away.

  • Different set-up lenses
  • With polarized glasses
  • Suitable for home and on the road
  • Sturdy design
  • Comfortable and firm
  • With a protective cover
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