Mini Endoscope - Inspection Camera - Suitable for Android

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Mini Endoscope - Inspection Camera - Suitable for Android

With this mini endoscope the professional will get the job done, but this model is also suitable for any DIY. Each building has pipes and areas which you can only reach with a special inspection camera. Think of leakage and clogging that could damage your premises. With this inspection camera which is suitable for Android 4.0 yoa can reach all areas. The mini-endoscope of the wholesale can be used with a flexible cable of no less than 2 meters. The mini-endoscope lens has a size of 7 mm.


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The inspection camera is equipped with LED lights, allowing sharp images to be made. With the touch of a button, you can also take pictures so your research with the inspection camera can capture important issues. The mini-endoscope with inspection camera allows you to investigate all kinds of pipes and other difficult areas wihich makes repairs and maintenance much more efficient. The model is fully waterproof and can therefore also be used underwater. For example, you can use it excellently to detect items that have disappeared through a drain. But also with problems in your garden pond, this mini-endoscope is the answer.

Specifications of the mini endoscope from our wholesale

The mini-endoscope from our wholesale company is very versatile and you can use it for all kinds of purposes. Especially professionals can not do without good equipment and it is therefore important to always choose materials of quality. This inspection camera provides crisp images. In addition, you have a cable of no less than 2 meters, which makes it easy for you to get anywhere.

  • Cord of no less than 2 m
  • Lens of 7 mm
  • Compatible with Android 4.0
  • Qualitative HD images of 720p
  • Features 6 LED lights
  • Button to take photos
  • Waterproof
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