Mymi Upper Body miracle patches (24 pieces / 1 box)

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Mymi Upperbody wonderpatches (24 pieces/ 1 box)

These slimming patches in our wholesale are easy to use and give great results. They can be used on your entire body to remove supersluous fat. The bandages or wonderpatches are only made with natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. They have been tested by the FDA and won't cause any irritations. The different ingredients will decrease cellulite and free oxygen radicals. The wonderpatches will provide an optimal care for your skin. Who doesn't dream of tight and slim body with a bright, beautiful skin?


Order the Wonderpatches in our wholesale

Losing weight has never been as easy as with the wonderpatches in our wwholesale. You can apply the patches on the places where you want to lose weight. Make sure the skin is dry and don't use any sorts of ointment for the treatment. Make sure you let the patch settle for 2 to 3 minutes after applying it. After that the patch will stay there for 6 to 8 hours without issues. Don't use the patch on the same spot every day, but repeat the treatment every 24 hours. The patches come in different sizes so you can perfectly cover different areas of your body. The small patches are perfect to cover areas that are hard to reach while the bigger ones are designed to cover bigger body parts like your hips or your stomach.


Specifications of the wonderpatches in our wholesale

The wonderpatches in our wholesale are perfect for people who want to lose weight easily. Here are a few specifications of the patches:

  • Big 92 x 80 mm (3,62 x 3,15 in)
  • Medium 93 x 53 mm (3,66 x 2,09 in)
  • Small 73 x 45 mm (2,87 x 1,77 in)
  • 24 pieces
  • Easy to apply
  • FDA tested
  • Natural ingredients
  • No preservatives

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