Mymi Wonder Patch (set of 5 pieces)

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Mymi Wonderpatch - set of 5

You eat healthily, drink a lot of water, barely eat cookies or candy, but still you're unable to lose your fat. Especially the are around your belly button seems to absorb every little piece of chips! You can never seem to get that flat stomach. Start using the Mymi wonderpatches niw! These slimming bandages are especially designed to lose the stubborn fat in the area around your belly button!åÊ

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The patches have a special ointment which will make you lose weight locally. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before apllying the patch. Remove the foil from the patch and stick it on the area around your belly button. You can keep the patch on for six to eight hours. You can for example do this while sleeping ot working.

Specifications of the Mymi wonderpatch from our wholesale


  • The patch is not visible under your clothes
  • Stick the patches around your belly button or on your thighs, upper arm or hips for example.
  • Lose weight quicly with these slimming patches
  • This Mymi set includes 5 patches
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