Pilaten depilatory cream in tube

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Pilaten depilatory cream in tube

We all have annoying hairs in places that we would rather not see. Would you like to depilate without pain? Then the Pilaten depilatory cream from our wholesale is highly recommended. This cream comes in a handy tube and is very easy to apply. The depilatory cream penetrates to the hair follicles, which means there is completely painless hair removal. In addition, this ensures that the hair removal stays away much longer than if you choose for shaving. The packaging is very compact and the weight is only about 130 g. You can also easily close the tube with a screw cap, so you can take the depilatory cream with confidence in your toiletry bag.


Order pilaten depilatory cream in wholesale

Are you curious how the hair removal cream works? It is not difficult at all. You apply a thin layer to your legs, armpits or any other area you want to depilate. Then you let it in for 3 to 6 minutes. Then you rinse it again with water and you're done! That is another quick way of painless hair removal. Then be careful with the use of very hot water and make-up. Moreover, it is advisable not to immediately wear tight clothes, such as tights, and to intensively burden the skin.


Characteristics of the depilatory cream from our wholesale

Do you want to depilate without pain? With the depilatory cream from our wholesaler that goes in an efficient way and it costs you almost no time. Moreover, the product is not only suitable for painless hair removal, but it is also nourishing for the skin.

  • To be closed with a screw cap
  • Weight of approximately 130 g
  • Ideal for painless hair removal
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Nourishing for the skin
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