Refrigerator organizer

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Refrigerator organizer

The cupboard layout in the kitchen is not always easy, especially when it comes to the refrigerator or freezer. The content varies daily and sometimes you need more space for the purchased items than at other times. A refrigerator organizer helps you to make the most of the space. With this you also fully control the cupboard layout of this cool furniture. Because you can easily attach the refrigerator organizer under the shelves, you immediately create more space.


Order a refrigerator organizer in wholesale

Have you just picked fruit that you would rather leave in the fridge? Or are they cookies that have to be kept cold? Do you like fresh eggs and do not you dare to put them in the fridge? This refrigerator organizer from our wholesaler ensures that it always fits. The cupboard layout has never been easier! Of course you can lose the small, loose stuff in this handy bin. Ideal, because that way you know exactly where everything has gone. In addition, with this cabinet layout you can keep an even better view of your stocks. Do you need more space elsewhere? Of course you can also use this handy organizer elsewhere. For example, you can hang it with pens under your desk or use it for small items in a different type of cabinet. You just have to hang the organizer somewhere.


Features of the refrigerator organizer from our wholesale

With this refrigerator organizer you can set the cabinet layout much more spacious. In this way, both the boards themselves and the empty space beneath them are optimally utilized. And do you have bottles or suits that do reach the bottom of the shelf above? Then you just pull out the refrigerator organizer.

  • Clear cabinet layout
  • Easy to attach
  • Can also be used for other purposes
  • Available in white, green, blue and pink
  • 15cm deep, 12cm wide and 5cm high (Small)
  • 20cm deep, 16cm wide and 5cm high (Large)


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