Sauna, sports vest for woman

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Sauna sport vest for women / Shapewear

The summer is over and all holidays kilos should back off! Thanks to this sport jacket you can easily accelerate this process. The sports vest makes you sweat even more during exercise and thus also lose more weight. Be the shapewear also wear under your clothes so you can make it invisible again. It is the ideal way to lose weight fast!

Order the Sauna sport vest for women in our wholesale

You will sweat more sweat while wearing this sport vest, so you will lose weight faster and lose more weight. This shapewear from our wholesale is the way to just fall off slightly during exercise! So you have even more advantage of the half-hour or hour of sport per day. Because you can wear shapewear on two sides, you can go every day for your favorite color. Today is blue or black? You can follow this shapewear wash the best hand, he goes namely the longest service life and reduce the effect of the sauna sports vest from our wholesale optimal.

Specifications of the sauna sport jacket for women from our wholesale

Would you like to rid of some excess kilos? This convenient Shapewear from our wholesaler makes that easier.

  • Lose weight faster with this sauna sports vest!
  • The vest has a zipper so you can easily take it on and off.
  • The vest has two sides wear, so choose your color: blue or black
  • Available in six different sizes: S / XL
  • Includes 80% neoprene, 20% nylon.
  • We recommend to wash the sauna sport jacket by hand in order to maintain the effect of the product as well as possible. If you want to put it in the washer, we advise you to wash at 30 degrees.
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