Set of 2 Grill mats for the oven, microwave, airfryer or BBQ

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There is a growing trend going on: creative cooking. Also the preparation of food according to new diets is an unremitting trend. This is accompanied by a rapidly growing demand for appliances for the kitchen. This year there is a new 'rising star': the grill mat. A grill mat is used to prepare food more easily. Grill mats are particularly suitable for the BBQ. You can easily buy grill mats via our wholesaler.

Order grill mats in wholesale

Our wholesaler has signaled this trend early. That is why we have purchased gril mats on time so that you can store your own stock of this new runner from our wholesaler. Through our wholesaler you can purchase grill mats of excellent quality. And of course at wholesale prices. Our wholesaler enables you to market grill mats via many retail channels. Please contact our wholesaler quickly to reserve your inventory.

Specifications of the Grill mats

What are grill mats suitable for?
A grill mat is suitable for the oven, microwave, airfryer or BBQ. The grill mat makes the preparation of food easier. Your ingredients do not need to be balanced on a thin grid with a grill mat. At the same time, the moisture can drain away, which is not possible with a baking sheet. A grill mat is useful for preparing meat, but offers additional results for vegetables and fish. The biggest problem is the faster disintegration of small pieces. Grill mats ensure that this is no longer a problem.

Never again cleaning misery
A second major advantage of grill mats is the greatly reduced cleaning work. An oven and BBQ are both unthinkable to clean: you almost do not get to the awkward corners and everything is caked. A grill mat is many times more convenient because you can wash it off separately. In addition, our grill mat has a special anti-sticky coating which prevents food from caking.

Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 0.2 cm
Weight: 128 grams

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