Smart sportswatch in various colours

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Smart sportswatch in different colours

The time a watch was only used to indicate the time has long passed. This wholesaler's smartwatch makes clear what's possible nowadays. It is of course a sportswatch which allows you to track your activities, but this model can also do much more. If you are seriously looking after your health, you can hardly do without this sportswatch. Test your heart rate during exercise and at rest. And with the Bluetooth function, you can also capture all the data you collect. Once you've tried this great sportswatch of the wholesaler, you never want another one.


Order the smart sportswatch in wholesale

The sportswatch  from our wholesaler is available in three different colours,  black, orange and gray. This way you can effortlessly find a model which is a perfect match with your sports outfit. The sportswatch of the wholesale also looks very elegant and suits you. Finally, a smart watch may also  look good. The smartwatch is light waterproof, which allows you to keep it on without a problem when it rains. The strap is easy to adjust and you can set it up so it is a  perfect fit for you. Optimal comfort when you are in training!


Specifications of the sportswatch from our wholesale

When you want to work on your fitness, it is useful to have the right tools. The smartwatch from our wholesaler is ideal for it. Thanks to the many different functions, you can get a good impression of your condition and you can work very well to improve it.

  • Available in black, orange and grey
  • With GPS, barometer and temperature meter
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring
  • Possibility of notifications
  • Bluetooth Nordic 4.0
  • G sensor: 3D accelerator / gyroscope
  • Clear display
  • 380 mAh battery
  • For iOS 8 and higher
  • For Android 4.3 and higher
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