Spice rack of wood

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Spice rack of wood

Have you been looking for such a beautiful spice rack for ages? The wholesaler has a special copy for you that fits in every kitchen. The slats at the back provide a playful accent. The model is made of wood and this material not only has a natural effect, but is also extremely durable. Moreover, you can easily keep the model clean. Collect all your spice jars and choose this handy rack from our wholesale. This way you can put your spice jars in a nice way and your kitchen will be a lot nicer.


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This spice rack is of course ideally suited for spice jars. But of course you can also use it for all kinds of other things. Such a beautiful wooden rack filled with spice jars with the most exotic scents naturally gives the kitchen something extra. But you can also arrange this rack to your own taste. It always delivers a nice picture and longing for longing back to bygone days when everything seemed much easier. Think back to the spice jars of your mother or grandmother.


Characteristics of the spice rack from our wholesale

Do you still need a spice rack for your kitchen and do you see it all for yourself? Or are you just looking for a handy rack for an extra touch in your interior? Of course you can also use this nice item for all sorts of things other than spice jars. For example, it is very nice as a decorative element in a hall or living room and you can use it in the bathroom for care products and guest towels. The rack is then both stylish and practical and really adds something to the interior.

  • With hooks at the back for the attachment
  • Made of durable wood
  • Stylish, classic construction
  • Completely finished
  • Also suitable for the bathroom, hall, etc.
  • Size: 33 x 38 x 14 cm
EAN: 3437802150294
SKU: Q155
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