Tipi for the children's room

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Tipi for the children's room - fun play tent

A real tipi for in the children's room. That's a present of the wholesaler for your kids, now in the assortment. It's the best play tent to surprise your children. Of course, the tipi of the Indians and this way of setting up a tent became only known after colonists continued to move into the area of the Indians in North America. The tipi is also a very smart design which is easy to set up in the children's room and has enough room for play.


Order the tipi for the children's room now in our wholesale

You probably still remember how nice it was when you used to have a play tent, even though it was only temporary and made of old sheets. However, for your children there is a real tipi of the wholesaler. You know they will be very happy with it. And it is also very practical for you, because a play tent in the form of a tipi is very easy to set up in the children's room. Maybe your little indians may even sleep in their tent after a full day of fun. Then there is room for two kids. You can of course also move the childrens tipi to another room, such as the living room.


Specifications of the tipi from our wholesaler

With the tipi for the children's room from our wholesaler, your little Indians can enjoy themselves. Both girls and boys will be fond of this fun play tent. In the tipi they will be happy playing for hours. The play tent is very easy to set up. The front flaps can be fixed aside so that the 'door' is always open. The blue, pink and white tipi consist of:

  • Size 120 x 120 x 145 cm
  • Weighs about 3 kg
  • Made of canvas and wood
  • Consists of 4 round stands and canvas
  • Room for two children

The pink tipi is also sold with:

  • Binder
  • Garland
  • Play mat
  • Decoration
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