Urinal for boys - funny children's toilet

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Urinal for boys - children's toilet

Training boys to use a toilet is a lot easier with this fun children's toilet. This model is a urinal which of course is meant only for tough men. It makes them feel like a real guy and is so it seems to be no longer a children's toilet. Buy this wholesale urinal to teach your man how to handle it. This way, training to use a toilet is also a fun game.


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This urinal can easily be taken along , so your young hero can also do his thing elsewhere if necessary This is of course the best way to say goodbye to the diapers as soon as possible. The children's toilet for boys from our wholesale is lightweight, and it's easy to clean and to keep clean. Of course, the use of  good qualitative materials gives it a long lifespan. This urinal will also teach your boy very quickly to do his urinating in the children's toilet. And maybe it will be useful for his younger brothers later too?


Specifications of the urinal for boys from our wholesale

Getting started to use the toilet  may be a long process, but it's important that your child learns it well. A children's toilet will help. Boys will sometimes encounter an urinal and then it is useful if they know how it works. This urinal for children is ideal for this purpose. The design is playful, which will allows the child to meet the challenge. And when things go well, the animal's tongue will turn!

  • Playful design and spacious layout
  • Easy removable tray
  • Easy to attach to the wall
  • With a spinning tongue as a goal
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Made of environmentally friendly material
  • Size 19 x 14 x 28 cm
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